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atelier mana

atelier mana

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atelier mana

atelier mana

Location Kanagawa, Japan
Categories Architectural Design  >  Houses/Villas


“We want to live in a house like a villa” was what my client said. The site is located at the end of a cliff surrounded by a rich green mountain forest near a quiet residential area with a view of Sagami Bay in a distance. It was the ideal site and satisfied the client’s wish. The villa was originally a second home or large suburban residence with a yard. However, in this place, or residential area, I wanted to achieve a space that satisfied both everyday activities related to work and school and extraordinary activities, such as relaxation or rest that could be pursued in a summer resort. Among the various elements, I thought the house should protect privacy from the adjacent houses to the west but be connected to the mountain forest and the sea and bring a variety of inspiration to the family. First, the entire site is wrapped with simple volume and has the appearance of a ridgeline corresponding to the surrounding mountain forest. The main living space is placed in the center of the three-dimensional site, which creates a gradation from the inside to the outside and further to the surroundings, such as the view of the southern sea and the borrowed scenery of the north forest. Thus, the family can experience the scenery from a different angle by setting the space. That is how I realized my idea. I adopted a skip structure for the interior according to the land shape so that the scenery could be three-dimensionally enjoyed. The north side is a place where the residents can see the borrowed scenery of the quiet forest. After going through the façade like a gate, the three-dimensional front yard leads to the living space and creates a change as if the residents were in the forest. The north terrace is a calm private outdoor space where the residents can see the forest and sky in the frame. The south side is a place of celebration like a stage where the view of Sagami Bay can be seen in the distance. Long eaves and a façade that wraps the site decrease its volume toward the sea, fade into the forest, and lead the eyes horizontally. The living room on the first floor connected to the garden is a space with an incline and an earth floor with a large opening like a half outdoor place. The public terrace on the second floor is like a viewing platform from which Sagami Bay can be seen. The residents feel as if they could see great nature from the edge of a boat. The swimming pool at the south end of the site plays the role of a water feature that reflects the trees and sky, creates a water gate at night, and is integrated into the scenery. There is no hierarchy of outside and inside in this place; all spaces have equal value. By adding scenery according to the environment, the living space is produced in the entire site, and a “place” with various sequences is created. Thus, this place creates a living space like a villa that supports the family’s everyday life for an extraordinary experience.

Design: Atelier mana
Structure: Takashi Baba Structure Design Office
Construction: Nakano Komuten Co., Ltd.
Use: Residential house
Site area: 412.97 m²
Building area: 165.65 m²
Total floor area: 173.22 m²
Structure: Wooden/ one basement + two stories on the ground