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APOLLO Architects & Associates

APOLLO Architects & Associates

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APOLLO Architects & Associates

APOLLO Architects & Associates

Location Fuchu city, Tokyo, Japan
Year 2018
Categories Architectural Design  >  Houses/Villas


This house is built in a dense residential area in a suburb of Tokyo. The owner is an architectural designer for a major real estate company. The monocoque appearance is created with the roof and exterior walls of metallic gray Galvalume steel sheets. The house protects the privacy of the people living inside, and the inside of the first floor cannot be seen from the road. Sufficient light comes into the rooms from a large opening in the roof, and it increases the openness of the compact space.

In the first floor entrance, the scenery at the end of the site can be viewed between the stairs and kitchen. The public dining room extended from the entrance earth floor plays the role of a family kitchen and drawing room to entertain guests. The island-type counter kitchen of German SieMatic offers both good design and function with the atmosphere of a bistro. The exterior terrace connected to a large opening plays the role of an outdoor living room. The residents can enjoy outdoor parties with an outdoor sofa. The courtyard helps maintain privacy, and the calm space is extended, although this side faces the road.

The second floor is integrated into a large atrium and loft and functions as a living space, making the most of the high ceiling. The sense of continuity of the delicate eaves integrated with bare rafters creates the breadth of space, and the entire space is filled with a dream-like soft light from the effect of indirect lighting at night. After eating dinner in the bistro on the first floor, the residents can relax on the second floor. This house is like an auberge.

Completion: 2018.8
Site Area: 190.01m²
Building Area: 57.01m²
1F floor area: 50.78m²
2F floor area: 50.78m²
Total floor area: 101.56m²
Structure: Timber
Scale: 2 storey
Typology: Private housing
Structure engineers: Masaki Structures / Kenta Masaki
Lighting engineer: Sirius lighting office / Hirohito Totsune
Kitchen design: SieMatic
Interior coordination: Cassina ixc.
Construction: Hirano Construction