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Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
Year 2011
Categories Architectural Design  >  Public facilities


Client: Amsterdam Public Transport Authority DIVV, Transport Operator GVB, Municipality Amsterdam South-East
Programme: 2.430 m² metro station

The “Crow’s Nest” metro station in Amsterdam South sits right in the middle of a vast open space and underneath the metro viaduct. The decorative enclosure of the ground floor addresses the design challenges: its modest scale in comparison to the context, a single entrance door for movement from all directions, danger of vandalism and graffiti and a high degree of technical infrastructure that dominated the engineering design.

The laser cut metal enclosure faces all directions equally and invites the passengers to enter the foyer of the station. Inside the sun casts interesting shadows. The rise on the escalator is dramatized as a journey towards the red sky. At night the station shines like a lampion. Passengers will remember the “Crow’s Nest” station.

The double skin of the station also has technical function. Escalator and lift core carry large parts of the platform. The zone between internal and external skin is used to stiffen the construction. The structure of the external skin is minimised.

2005-2011 Architecture, all stages
2009-2011 Construction
2011 Completed

2014 RIBA European National Award
2015 Nominated for the WAN Metal in Architecture Award

MaccreanorLavington:MLA+: Gerard Maccreanor, Jan van Spanje, Froukje Taconis
Landscape: Michael van Gessel
Construction management: IBA
Services: Arcadis
Lighting: Atelier LEK
Structure: BT adviesbureau
Infrastructure: Prolusion BV