About Us

Homes and Buildings of Your Dreams Built by a Top Architect for Everyone

We are an IT company based in Tokyo, Japan.

JIAC (Japan International Architectural design Center) is one of our services we started to coordinate international design projects for architects in Japan. While forming partnerships in other countries to work on projects outside of Japan, we thought, why not have the architects from other countries use the same system?
That was our idea for our platform service we named inap2. It’s not a complete solution yet. It takes time to build and improve a great platform service. But we do have some pretty good features now. Which is why we wanted to start sharing early.

In inap2, by forming alliances with firms around the world, chances to work on projects anywhere in the world will increase.
It is our hope that in the future, through inap2, people around the world will have an equal chance to have comfortable, beautiful homes and buildings built by top architect.

Our next step is to expand our services so that clients from anywhere in the world can request a design.
inap2 will continue to evolve and improve your experience.

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