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The Alliance Map is a map on inap2 that shows you in real time when your partnership alliances have been formed. In using the Alliances in inap2, you can be prepared to receive requests from anywhere in the world. If you have a partner in a country or region, your works can be introduced to potential clients in the local area. This will create more chances to build your international project portfolio.


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APOLLO Architects & Associates

APOLLO Architects & Associates


Completion: 2021.03
Site Area: 645.35㎡
Building Area: 233.10㎡
1F floor area: 116.55㎡
2F floor area: 116.55㎡
Total floor area: 233.10㎡
Structure: Reinforced Concrete
Scale: 2F
Structure engineer: Masaki Structure / Kenta Masaki
Lighting engineer: Sirius lighting office / Hirohito Totsune
Contructor: Taiko Co., Ltd.

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