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IROJE KHM Architects

IROJE KHM Architects

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IROJE KHM Architects

IROJE KHM Architects

Location South Korea
Year 2014
Categories Architectural Design  >  Commercial buildings



IROJE KHM Architects

HyoMan Kim

A Small Vertical City and a Floating Path
We regarded this building as a small vertical city layered by four independent buildings comprising of a coffee shop, a restaurant, an office and a residence, enjoying empty spaces through external stairs as a free ‘path’ connected to the existing city with a red elevator which is busy moving vertically.

Commercial Identifiability and Amphitheatre
We had not only to secure an overall identity as a commercial building but also set up relationships with the existing context. We tried to accomplish both of them at the same time through a harmony and collusion with the shape of the adjacent amphitheatre.

The Collision of Plus Curve and Minus Curve
In order to harmonize with and differentiate from the amphitheatre of a plus curved surface, we have provided grounds to both gain identifiability and to promote friendship with the surrounding city by applying a minus curved surface which can satisfy homogeneity and heterogeneity.

Independent Residence and Satisfaction of Instinct
The spatial separation of any domain is sought by making people arrive at a residence at the uppermost part after passing a garden which suddenly appears at the end point of climbing sightseeing along the stair path. By planning circulation to rooftop gardens through a stairway, we attempted to secure the independence of a residence and to satisfy the instinct of wanting to live in nature.

Architectural Flower
This small vertical city is like a huge flower of pop art which will bloom into a new landmark of this area.